What's cooking in GAwesomeBot's pot and some updates on what we are up! Announcement

By Vladdy, published a year ago

🎉 We have some Big News! 🎉

Hello, this is your resident ping doer developer Vladdy here, and we have some important news and changes that are happening RIGHT NOW and in the future of GAwesomeBot! That's right, we're still alive and are chugging along, and we have some BIG PLANS, and I think you're ready for some spoilers, eh?

Bot Verification

As you may (or may not) know, Discord "recently" announced the Bot Verification Program which is awesome, and we love it! You're probably wondering then what's up, and why we're gathering you all here.. In short, we are officially verified ✔️!

That's right, our lovely bot is all grown up now, and has a beautiful tick next to it's name! Check it out, isn't it amazing? (if it doesn't show on your client, a quick CTRL + R should solve it)

Quick caveats

Due to some internal limitations as well as cert…


GADriver Migration Development

By GG142, published 2 years ago

Spooky development post

Warning: This is a spooky development post, meant only for the most spooky kind of people: Developers.

This is actually a really short post, and I won't go into a lot of technical details because I'm tired and I've spent the entire day on creating said technical details.

So then what are we doing here?

Well, probably to find out what we've been doing while GAB Dev was down. If you've taken a peek at GAB's Commit History in the past months, you probably already have an idea of what I've been cooking up in my cauldron: GADriver.

What is GADriver?

GADriver is our own shot at creating a library wrapping the official node.js MongoDB Driver specifically for GAB. Prior to GADriver, we were using Mongoose. However, mongoose was giving us trouble when it came to saving or validating documents with large arrays (for example, members) and has been the cause for almost every …


Back from the robot dead Announcement

By GG142, published 2 years ago

We're back!

GAwesomeBot Dev is back from… robot death? Back from the robot dead! Isn't that great? I'm sure you could not possibly be any happier right now. Without further distraction, allow me to answer some questions you, as hypothetical reader, might have. Without the Discord 2000 character limit; get ready! 3, 2, 1, GO!

Gilbert? Since when do you work again?

Uh, first of all, ouch. Sorry my feelings got into the way of your passive aggressive comment as sharp as a knife. Secondly, I've been lurking behind the scenes for some time now. Just recently I started to ramp up in terms of development time. Partially because I realised that I wasn't doing all of you justice… but mostly because the first of December sounded like a lovely date for the resurrection of GAB. (Chirstmas was a bit too far away)

Why was GAB Dev down in the first place? What the procreate have you been doing?

GAB was down because our codebase wasn't scalable enough to keep up with th…


How to fix GAB Errors Tutorial

By GG142, published 3 years ago

How to defeat those errors

We're not perfect, and neither is GAB. Everyone makes mistakes, and our mistakes are often translated to errors and warns in your console. Most errors are expected, you probably messed up somewhere with setting your GAB up, and we can't automatically fix it. Some errors however, are unexpected or unknown. Here's a three step plan to handle most of them:

Know your enemy, read the error!

Errors often contain useful information that can direct you to the problem, especially if it's an expected error.

Most errors are known and expected, these type of errors signal that GAB has found an issue with your Configuration or Environment and that it's best not to continue in this way. What does all this hacky talk mean? You've probably messed up somewhere, and the error message should give you a pretty good idea of where.

Don't make someone else's mistake.

Some errors are known but unexpected, these errors are not expected if you followed all…